Marengo St. Fleur De Lis Pendant

Marengo St. Fleur De Lis Pendant

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We designed the Marengo Street Fleur d Lis Pendant after an afternoon spent looking at architectural details on houses along Marengo, between Magazine St and Saint Charles Avenue. The curving arabesques which decorate our original fleur de lys design, remind us of curving arabesques we found on the brackets of a number of houses along this street. As we discovered pieces of New Orleans' design heritage on the houses of Marengo St, we thought we heard a second line playing in the distance.

Our original sketch for this unique piece of Fleur De Lis Jewelry was then carved into wax, and cast in Sterling Silver. Each piece is marked on the back, like all of our designs, with the letters FDO within a triangle-- our trademark.

We hope this piece of Fleur De Lis Jewelry will remind you of New Orleans, and the sounds of a second line on Marengo Street, where ever you are!

Chains and cords are sold separately-- please browse our collection.

Sterling Silver. 1.25 x 1.5 inches

If you need a cord or chain for this pendant, please browse through our selection-- they are sold separately.