Intaglio Fleur De Lis Ring, Size 6

Intaglio Fleur De Lis Ring, Size 6

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This band of silver, only 1/4 " wide, has a band of Fleur de Lis incised into the band around the outside-- head to tail. Since the fleur pattern is incised into the silver we call this our Intaglio Fleur De Lis Ring-- because printers, who carve letters into metal or wood and fill the crevice with ink, and print from that, call that 'Intaglio Printing'. ( The G is silent, so its pronounced 'in-TAL-ee-oh')

fleur de lis design in this ring was inspired by one we saw incised into a pavement brick that we saw on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The ring is made from solid sterling silver, and the intaglio pattern incised into the ring is oxidized, which is why it appears dark black, against the shiny silver ring.

Size: band is 1/4 inches wide all the way around. Ring Size: 6