St. Louis Fleur d' Lys on Black

St. Louis Fleur d' Lys on Black

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A set of 5 cards, with envelopes.

Each folding card is 4x6 inch, crafted from hand made paper. A black paper on front and back of this card, with one large gold fleur d' lys from a mural on the ceiling of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. Silk screened on the front, only. The back is black.  The card is luxuriously thick, because its hand made from three sheets of paper.

The inside is a fine unbleached, hand made white paper-- suitable for inscribing your personal note.

The card is vertically oriented, and opens on the right side. A crisp and thick handmade paper envelope is included for each card.

The fine handmade paper in the card and envelope is made using sustainably harvested Himalayan Lokta bark, and 20% post consumer-use, recycled paper. This traditional Lokta paper is often called "Rice Paper" in the west, but has never been made from rice stalks.

This price is for a set of 5 cards with envelopes,